Crossing Myanmar

Crossing Myanmar

Even if we’ve heard that some people recently crossed Myanmar on their own (with a lot of paperwork though) till date it is officially not allowed to cross the country by yourself if you drive your own vehicle.
For this reason we were in contact with following tour operators:

  • Burma Senses / / info (at)
    (local agency, little experience with overland travellers, low price)
  • Seabridge / Joerrn Schlag / / seabridge (at)
    (Joern is working as a tour operator and guide since 2008 and guided many trips along the Silk Road to India.)
  • Tin Maung Shwe / / tin.apex (at)
    (experienced local agent)
  • Myanmar Expert Tours / / mutu.myanmar (at)
    (local agency, little experience with overland travellers, low price)
  • Diethelm Travels / / leisure (at )
    (agency for trips all around South East Asia)

6-15 days // At least 15 days is recommended if you really want to see something in the country. A six days trip is more or less considered as transit.

Depends essentially on number of days, number of people, board and lodging, season and number of vehicles)
Price range: 800-2.000 USD per Person / 15 days

Local prices:
Diesel / Fuel: around 1 USD/liter

Best season for the trip:
November – February (road conditions can be pretty hard at rainy season, 4×4 is needed)

Easy to get. Just don’t mention that you will cross the border by land.


Feel free to get in touch if you need any further information.


3 Kommentare

  1. horst licht zur zeit wohnhaft in thailand

    nür ne frage: mit welcher agentur seit ihr durch burma? wie lange vorher kontaktiert?
    danke für antw, wir haben gleiche reise mit unimog vor .

    • Hi Horst,
      ich denke wir sehen uns ja bald …
      Dennoch: wir sind mit Burma Senses gefahren. Kontakt hatten wir schon Monate zuvor, um die Preise zu vergleichen. Es macht Sinn, früh genug nach Mitreisenden zu suchen, denn es springen auch immer wieder Leute ab.
      Alles Weitere bald beim Kaffee ;-)
      Sonne satt aus Cambodia!
      Jen und Peter

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